Using Deep Learning CNNs


Recently, Astronomy has been witnessed a great jump and advancements in detectors, instruments, telescopes and even the probes that are sent into outer space and far planets for collecting data in sky surveys to map our universe. These collected data are organized into very large datasets forming what is called data-oriented astronomy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to work on these massive datasets manually to get effective results so, astronomers are seeking approaches to automate the human error borne processes of manual scanning in order to discover astronomical knowledge and information from these large raw datasets through state of the art…

In this article I’ll demonstrate some sort of a framework for working on machine learning projects. As you may know, machine learning in general is about extracting knowledge from data therefore, most of machine learning projects will depend on a data collection — called dataset — from a specific domain on which, we are investigating a certain problem to build a predictive model suitable for it. This model should follow certain set of steps to accomplish its purpose, In the following sections I will practically, introduce a simplified clarification about the main steps for performing statistical learning or building machine…

Yosry Negm

Machine learning engineer with a solid experience in building predictive models using cutting edge machine learning algorithms such as deep learning and more.

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